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Aphrodite T-Trimmer - Detailer

Aphrodite T-Trimmer - Detailer

Instead of telling you how great the Aphrodite T Trimmer is, I'm going to jump straight in and show you the product.


As soon as you open the box you can see that you get the usual clipper attachments, oil, cleaning brush and charger.


The exciting thing about this clipper is that it is wireless and can be charged with a USB cable (included in the box).

USB Charge Cable for Aphrodite T-Trimmer


Here you can see both the USB charge port and the standard mains charging port. This means you have two ways to charge your trimmer.

Aphrodite Trimmer usb port charging

The mains charging option is still available and works perfectly well if you don't have a USB port.

Aphrodite Hair Trimmer Mains Charging


As you can see the Trimmer is being charged here by my laptop - you can see the battery is charging from the LED indicator light being red. This way to charge is best left over night as it is a slow charge which is better for the battery.

Aphrodite Detailer USB Charging


The blade is is the standard T shape which all barbers and hairdressers know is great for making details and creating beautiful hair lines. Is it sharp - does it cut well - The short answer is YES!! just as good as any out there.

Aphrodite T Trimmer blade


The trimmer feels natural to hold, light weight (but not too light) but the main thing is that it's comfortable and makes using it a joy, on top of that it being cord free is liberating. You can always plug it in and use it if you can't wait for a full charge, which makes it as versatile as a clipper/trimmer could be.

Overall I would rate it highly but don't take my word for it. 

If your interested in liberating your trimmer skills you can order here

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