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Hood hair dryers and what they are good for

Hood hair dryers and what they are good for

Hood hair dryers have been around for over 100 years , in 1890 the first hairdryer was invented by French stylist Alexander Godefroy. The dryer he invented was a large bonnet that attached to the chimney pipe of a gas stove! 

Todays hood dryers are much safer and are better designed, using electricity and not gas. They come wall mounted or on a pedestal as you would see in most professional hair salons and even portable ones are available today.

The best use for these types of hair dryer are for having your hair set in rollers, oil treatments, conditioning treatments and accelerating hair colouring.

At Aphrodite we have a few versions of the large hooded dryer including the new portable Table Top Hair Dryer.


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  • Michael Kyriacou