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Yes, you need a hair steamer in your life

Yes, you need a hair steamer in your life

When it comes to hair care, we all know how important it is to use shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and revitalise. However, hair care does not end there - far from it!

Enter the hair steamer. Hair steamers add moisture to the hair, enhancing colour and strengthening hair elasticity.

Many women with curls and afros have been using hair steamers for years. Yet hair steamers are not only for those of us blessed with gorgeous, naturally curly hair. Indeed, regardless of what sort of natural hair you have, hair steamers will help elevate your hair care game to a new level.

How do hair steamers help your hair?

Here are some of the top benefits of hair steamers:

1. Hair steamers enhance scalp health. Steaming the scalp helps open and unclog pores, allowing toxins to be released. Cleaner pores mean quicker and healthier hair regrowth, as well as a healthier scalp with plenty of blood flow.

2. Hair steamers improve hair elasticity. Strong, elastic hair is hair that is less likely to break, fade, or split and turn frizzy. Regular hair steaming treatments enable each strand of hair to absorb and retain moisture, meaning they bend rather than break. So whatever kind of hair you have - curly or straight, thick or thin - hair steamers will strengthen your hair game.

3. Hair steamers can help you embrace your natural hair. That's right: if you are transitioning from chemically-relaxed hair to natural hair, steaming treatments are your new best friend. Steaming softens the point at which your straight hair meets your curls, allowing each strand of hair to be healthier throughout.

The best part of hair steaming treatments? Hair professionals believe that every type of hair texture benefits from steaming. A single steaming treatment every fortnight can radically improve your scalp health, hair regrowth, and hair colour and elasticity.

Hair steamers also come in two different varieties - hooded and handheld - meaning you have options when purchasing. Hooded hair steamers offer the benefit of treating your hair with an equal amount of steam all at once, whereas handheld hair steamers enable you to target specific sections and portions of your hair.

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Image by StockSnap via Pixabay

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