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2 in 1 Hair & Face Steamer with Ozone Treatment

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Aphrodite Ultra Portable Aphrodite Table Top 2 in 1 Facial & Hair Steamer (Black) with Ozone Treatment function - Facial steamer part included.

This hair steamer is ideal to help hair growth and scalp condition. By steaming the hair and scalp you can increase the blood flow and natural nutrients to the hair root, which in turn helps hair to grow. This is especially good for men or women with thin or balding hair. The steamer also has an ozone treatment which helps clean the hair from harmful free radical and other micro organisms again promoting healthy hair growth.

The Aphrodite table top steamer can be placed on a table for convenient home or salon steaming treatments.

The dual design makes it easy to switch from hair to face treatments in seconds. With its well balanced body and easy to use control switches, this product is ideal for home and salon use.

As it takes up less space than a conventional steamer it can be used for mobile hairdressers as well as salons with limited space.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful bactericide used in aesthetics to remove all impurities found in the dermis, eliminating damaged cells, accelerating the healing of skin and purifying oxygenation at the same time.

Key Features.

  • On/Off Steam Switch.
  • On/Off Ozone Switch for deep conditioning.
  • Ease of use functionality.
  • Visible water jar makes re-filing simple.
  • 220-240 Volts

Key things to know when using your Steamer

1. The steamer should always be placed on a flat level work surface - This is because there is a safety cut off switch under the steamer that clicks on or off when on a flat level surface.

2. Always start the steamer by pressing the Steam On Button first - This will turn the steamer on.

3. If you want to activate the Ozone Treatment then press the Ozone On Button - This will activate the blue light to make the ozone treatment start.

4. If you are using purified or distilled water sometimes the sensor can't detect the water because there are no electrolytes in these types of water. Please add a dash of salt to the water so the sensor can detect it.

5. Always make sure the water level is under the "Max" level in the jar and above the Metal rod/sensor - Otherwise the steamer will not steam.

U.K and Europe Only

Sku: A-TTS2

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